One of my spray tanning sisters from across the pond posted on our forum about how spray solutions should be treated like baking a cake.  It’s the perfect analogy.  Each solution is created differently and therefore each has its very own application method.  Some should be sprayed close, some far, some thick, some thin, some twice, some single.

I’m going to apply Alisa’s method to your tanning experience.  Alisa writes, “Think of it like this.  You have 2 different boxes of cake mix made by two different brands.  Brand A suggest preheating the oven to 375 and using 2 eggs, baking for 40 minutes and you have used this brand for years.  Brand B suggests preheating the oven to 350, using 1 egg, bake for 30 minutes, use just 1 egg and bake on the lowest rack of the oven.  You think to yourself, I’ve been baking cakes for years, I know what I am doing so I will bake both cakes using the same method.  Brand A turns out amazing and Brand B turns out, well, lets say, less than stellar.  You decide never to purchase Brand B again and tell your friends never to purchase that brand.”

This applies to your spray tan.  Each Spray Tan Tech uses different brands which in turn uses different rinse methods and aftercare.  By not following the recipe, it may result in you not having the best or darkest outcome for your tan.   You think it’s a failed attempt when in actual fact, you just haven’t followed the instructions.   There’s a difference between a shower and a rinse!

Always book your tan 2 days before your event.  Your tan will continue to darken 24 hours after rinse.  It will be the lushest tan you ever did see.

Whatever your prep is like with other techs, this is what you must do BEFORE your tanning appointment with me.

  • Arrange ALL beauty appointments for 24-48 hours before you spray tan appointment i.e. nails, hair, lash, brows, shave, wax………… your spray tan is your last stop on the beauty train!
  • LIGHTLY exfoliate and moisturise from now until the day before your tan.
  • DO NOT SHOWER within 3 hours of spray tan appointment. Gently go over your body with a wet flannel.  No soap or shower gel.  Just water and your flannel.
  • No deodorant, make up, lotions or potions should be worn to your appointment
  • Wear loose dark clothing and footwear

You MUST follow this part AFTER your tan

  • Thoroughly but swiftly rinse guide colour in lukewarm water only (no soap/shower gel) at specified rinse time
  • Pat dry with towel
  • Wear pyjamas in bed
  • Use TANtoner moisturiser daily 24 hours after rinse.

Following the above recipe will ensure you will receive the ultimate tanning experience.   Now where’s that cake…………………………