First and foremost.  Do you even need a spray tan for your wedding day?

It’s definitely not for everyone and some people have a darker skin tone that doesn’t need much enhancement.  The one thing you definitely do not want to do is look fake.

It shouldn’t be obvious that you’ve had fake tan applied.  You should look like you’ve just stepped off the plane from a week in Ibiza. 

Wedding spray tans are not the same as party or holiday spray tans.  A pretty glow is all that is required. 

I always tell my brides that the focus is on your dress, not your tan.  That’s bad chat.  Your hair, makeup, skin and gown must come together to create a beautiful and balanced look. 

If you have naturally pale skin, a soft glow will go a long way in brightening you up.  Less is definitely more.  It’ll make your eyes pop, your teeth look whiter and people will ask what you’ve been doing because you look so bloody fantastic.

Don’t go for the unrealistic super dark tan.  It 100% looks fake.  You’re the bride.  The belle of the ball.  You want to look elegant and classy. 

This is going to be the most photographed day of your life and you want to look and feel at your absolute best.  The camera never lies and the darker you are, dare I say it, the more orange you look.

If you think of the Love Island contestants.  They really orange in the white interview room but look perfectly tanned poolside.  You’re wearing a white dress.  Similar effect.  I’ll just leave that there.  I think by now you’re getting the jist. 

If you have darker skin, it’s great to be sprayed in a similar shade or one up to even out your skin tone.   Again, don’t be tempted to go dark. 

Moisturise and shower with pH balanced and SLS free products as well as gently polishing your skin leading up to your tan.  Make it part of your daily skin routine.  And don’t forget to drink water.  This will all ensure your skin is at peak condition for spraying. 

Book your spray tan trial 2 days before your hair and makeup trial.  The same goes for your wedding day appointment. 

Following my pre tan prep and aftercare advice means your skin will be lush for the most gorgeous and natural spray tan.

The best spray tan is definitely the one that people don’t notice! 

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