Hard to believe that spring is here already.  The sun is shining, birds are singing and believe it or not, tan lines commence.  As a spray tan technician, last year’s spraying sessions were very much like a colour by numbers workshop filling in brides’ tan lines often using brushes and even tape at times. 

With the Aberdeen weather being so unpredictable, its super important that ‘brides to be’ are dressed for all the seasons in one day.   Runners are the worst culprits.  If you’re running in a racer back vest or bra, you will have a racer back shaped tan line!  And…………if your wedding dress is backless……………….I’ll just leave that thought there.

Even in 13⁰C sunshine, remember the windburn!!  Also Aberdeen peeps have all heard of a Torry Tan (no disrespect to Torry peeps but that’s just what its called).  The classic white body with brown arms.  The American’s call it a Farmers Tan.   Also not the best look for a strapless wedding gown.  Sooooooooooooo, if you’re a runner, run at night time or wear a thin long sleeved top because once those pesky tan lines appear, they’ll be there for the next 6 months.  I repeat 6 whole months!

Now for sunburn.  The bane of my life.  My rule of thumb was not to spray anyone within 3 weeks of being sunburned but now I’ve changed to 6 weeks. It can take the skin 6 weeks to peel and heal.   With sunburn, the skin is healing and trying to cool down so it won’t allow anything to absorb or react during this time.  The skin is in protective mode and sends the blood to the surface of the skin to start the healing process.  Its why if you press down on your skin whilst its sunburnt, it will turn white because the blood has been pushed to the surface of the skin.

As the epidermis is damaged (I know, I’ve completely lost it but stay with me) the acid mantle cannot be created correctly in sunburnt areas.  The acid mantle is the combination of the sweat and sebum excreted through the skin and this is what determines your skin’s pH.  It’s the amino acids from the sweat which reacts with the spray tan solution to create the spray tan result.  Therefore, if the skin is damaged and is not excreting sweat correctly, it won’t react at all with the spray tan solution.  When the skin is burnt, you can’t sweat normally and this is why we sometimes see ‘sweat blisters’ on the skin after sunburn (I get this right between the boobulars).    And of course, sunburnt skin also has a higher pH (more alkaline) than normal because the acid mantle creation has been disrupted.

Sometimes the skin looks absolutely normal after sunburn when spraying a Client but its not until the tan has developed that issues arise, mainly the skin starts to peel!  So regardless of how much you exfoliate or whether you were sprayed by a tech with a poor application or using a cheaper product on the market or an experienced technician using a high end salon product, the result will always be the same, you will peel! 

Finally, a spray tan does NOT protect you from UVA or UVB………so make sure you slip, slap, slop!!


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