Well in all my days, and there’s been a lot of days, I actually won something!  The last time I won anything of significance was back in 2006 when I won £5K on Channel 4’s Richard & Judy’s ‘You Say We pay’.   I topped it last night by becoming the first ever winner of the Best Tanning Technician in the NEBHA (North East Hair & Beauty Awards)!  Surely its worthy of an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records. 

So what is NEHBA and why is it so important?  According to the organisers, Etiom Events, “The Hair and Beauty sector in the north-east continues to grow and grow – 13% increase last year, to circa. 12,000 people in the North-East working in the industry … and this is growing every year. Despite this, this sector in the North-East gets little or no recognition … until now! NEHBA has been created to celebrate this incredibly talented and hard-working sector and those individuals and businesses operating throughout the AB, IV and DD postcodes of the North-East of Scotland.”

Last night, the finest hair and beauty professionals from the North-East of Scotland, gathered in their absolutely finery (apart from me.  Standard LBD.  Or BBD is probably the best suited abbreviation), at the Doubletree by Hilton Aberdeen Treetops Hotel.   I thought about a last minute change of blingier and fancier but my husband told me, ‘You’re fine.  You’ll probably be the auldest een there.  Naebody will be looking at you.’  If that’s not love then I’m not sure what is! 

The evening kicked off by Hairdresser to the Stars, Patrice McPherson of Curl Up and Dye who then passed over to International STV presenter Chris Harvey, our compere for the evening, ably assisted by the globally famous weather presenter, Sean Batty.  If you never got a selfie with Sean, were you even there?  Dancing commenced with the Glasgow girl band FEEVA who were fanbloodytastic.  Young lassies with a performance like a high impact singing aerobic class.  And I’m meaning that in a very complimentary way.  They belted out 60’s classics with some super intense moves whilst we danced and burned some calories to make room for the delicious dinner.  The dancing also heated us up as it was bloody freezing.  I wore my coat for most of the evening and my pal Michelle was wanting to wrap herself in the tablecloth it was so bloody cold!  

So on to the awards.  I was absolutely chuffed to bits when Chris Harvey announced my name.  After all my hard work, its ace to get a bit of recognition.  Chris gives affa good bosies and I was clapping his back like it was my loon’s first day at school.  I received a lovely glass trophy and certificate not to mention having my name splashed on the big screens.   I half skited walking across the dance floor and could’ve turned into a Gemma Collins moment. 

On with the auction and raffle (I won the Katie Luxton bag. Go me!) for the STV Children’s appeal which raised more than £2000 on the night.  The final 7 awards, another energetic FEEVA performance, lots of Mum dancing from Brenda, overflowing Prosecco from Karen and finishing up with swifters at the bar with more selfies with Sean Batty.  My pal Fiona is his number 1 fan!

There were lots and lots of young and ‘old’ beauties there but the ‘Best Dressed Award’ definitely goes to Emma Robertson from The Beauty Den.  She looked just schamazing from top to bottom, inside and out.   I also thought Alana Forrest from Pink Lily was totally stunning. 

The ‘Eat Something Before you Drink Award’ goes to the lassie that spewed over two lavvies before the meal had even started.  Line your stomach next time, Quine. 

And the Police Scotland Award goes to …………… Not everyone knows about that one so best to leave it there.

All in all, it was a fantastic night.  Everyone was a winner as far as I’m concerned.  Can’t wait for next year. 

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