For the last 5 weeks, the polar vortex has been with me every single morning at 6 am whilst I’m out with the puppy for his constitutional with a North Sea bloody gale blowing a hoolie up my dressing gown!  Is the cold weather playing havoc with your skin?  Actually, dry skin means your pH balance is off and likely to be alkaline.  The answer isn’t slapping on the moisturiser.  It could be your products.   The high street is full of high alkaline products.  I’m not just talking about shower gels and soaps but moisturisers and body lotions too.  Some have as  high a pH of 11!!  These most definitely make your skin dry out even further.  Thankfully the current trend is using pH formulated products of a lower pH of 5-5.5.  

Without going scientific geeky on you, spray tanning solutions have a pH of between 4 and 6 so if your skin is off the chart, your tan won’t take as well or maybe not even take at all plus your skin will dry out further especially if your tech uses a solution that contains alcohol. 

Loooooooooong hot dooks in the shower are also a no no.  Keep your showers short and in lukewarm water.   Slap on the moisturiser as soon as you leave the shower whilst the skin is still damp.  

Check if your body lotion and shower gels are pH formulated and repair the damage done to your acid mantle (geeky again).  If you’re a supermarket shopper, add Femfresh Body Wash to your basket!  Not only does it freshen up the old floof but its the perfect pH formulation. 

And lastly, cancel the monthly wine case delivery and step away from the Diet Coke.  Embrace the Evian and drink plenty of water.  Hydrate from the inside makes you feel soooooooo good on the outside.  

Dry skin is never in.  Especially where spray tanning is concerned. 

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